Let Your Light Shine! Here, There, Everywhere.

MissionFest Toronto 2014 


As we welcomed many new exhibitors showcasing their organization’s call at this year’s MissionFest, God’s light truly radiated all around as hearts, and talents came together for His glory.

With the amazing teamwork of speakers, exhibitors, artists, volunteers, intercessors, service providers, partners and staff,  MissionFest’s 2014 theme “Let Your Light Shine” became a reality. From preparation to presentation; MissionFest was a great success due to each and every individual allowing the Light of God to shine through them – in all that they did. Every individual played their part; going above and beyond their call of duty to meet every need; enabling themselves to be used as vessels unto the honour of God.

God’s word coupled with incredible testimonies encouraged thousands of attendees through programming for Pastors, Leaders, Men, Women, Youth and Children.

Andrew Alleyne speaking at the ENGAGE Youth night used God’s call upon his life to bring young people to Christ. Some young ones even received insight into how they are to let their light shine using the gift God has deposited in their lives. “I had a young lady come up to me afterwards who is so passionate about missions. She’s been on missions trips before etc, but on Friday night a vision for using her gift of miming/ dancing to reach people in foreign nations was birthed.” Andrew Alleyne, Catalyst Ministries.  

Neil Boron of WDCX Radio inspired men from different walks of life to allow themselves to be useful vessels for the Lord no matter where their walk had started from; or where they think it might be going. Rachelle Mainse, using her extraordinary gift as an ordinary woman of God encouraged women from all over theGTAto let their light within shine bright – no matter where God has placed them. Even children were challenged to make a difference as they were encouraged to seek God’s wisdom for their lives and allow Him to lead them as they shine bright for theKingdomofGod.

Pastors and leaders from various ministries gathered together to be ministered to and encouraged by DrSteve McEvoy. There was a refreshing amongst those who have been called to be Shepherds for Christ’s sheep and disciple others.

I attended MissionFest’s pastor and leader session with guest speaker Steve McEvoy. This was a life changing, eye opening experience for me in how I can be a better leader. Leadership is not about a title, it is serving the people that you are leading. 

It is when I am in my deepest desperation /mess and cry out to God my Father that He hears me, because Jesus became sin in my place, there is nothing that I can do to earn his righteousness .I am now more confident in my relationship with my Heavenly Father and in going forth to lead others.

I want to thank MissionFest for putting on this program and am looking forward to the next one.

 – Kirk Watson, president of Men’s Ministry, Light and Life Ministries

Steve McEvoy has a fascinating way of talking about leadership!  Based on his personal journey, Steve understands that the secret to better leadership is NOT based on will-power, self-help programs or positive thinking.  Instead, following in the footsteps of Jesus, the suffering servant, and building on the foundation of God’s truth, love and grace.”

– Neil Boron, Host of “LifeLine”, WDCX Radio

Over 100 exhibitors and thousands of attendees enthusiastically encouraged and challenged one another to heed the call of missions locally and abroad. This is the driving force behind MissionFest; a purpose to continually bring people together, equipping them for God’s call on their lives embracing missions wherever God has placed them. We rejoice seeing the gap between generations, denominations, and people of all nations grow smaller each year. Exhibitors included Missionary Ventures Canada, The 700 Club,CTS, Gospel for Asia, I Am Second, Emmanuel Bible College and Yonge Street Mission to name a few.


MissionFest is building the kingdom Friend by Friendand with our generous supporters who donate their time, money, goods and services, we are all making a significant impact worldwide!

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