APRIL 16-18, 2010

An Intimate Gathering of God’s people called according to HIS purpose.

MissionFest Toronto’s 15th year anniversary was celebrated in a setting where it all began – a church, where God’s people pray, worship and engage in missional outreach year-round. Held at Global Kingdom Ministries in the east-end of the GTA, provided a more intimate gathering of the participants and attendees this year. With the Exhibitor tent outside, barbeques grilling, the parking lot full to capacity and thousands of people occupying every corner of the church, for many it felt like a family outing.

From April 16th to 18th, there was a unifying energy flowing through the atmosphere of the entire venue inside and outside. On Saturday, the prayer chapel had a line-up outside its door. The “MissionFest Community” would be the best way to describe it.

It was my first MissionFest, and I was so thrilled to see the family of God come together and share their passion for reaching out around the world – and unified in desiring to share Jesus’ message of hope and salvation. What a breath of fresh air!

–          Ryan Resmer, Toronto Celebration Church

Attendees enjoyed meeting, greeting and connecting with the exhibitors, speakers, volunteers and many others.

 It was a great experience and I personally had some great opportunities to meet some great people as well as seeing God work in some amazing ways!

–          Matt Poulsen, Relevant Worship

MissionFest aims to bridge the gap between generations, denominations, and people of all nations by presenting a variety of diverse programming with a host of dynamic speakers, seminars, plenary sessions, 200 exhibitors, a Women’s Forum, ENGAGE Youth program, Leadership Program, visual arts gallery, interactive children’s program and prayer.

I want to say THANK YOU for a wonderful MISSIONFEST Event this past April 16-18. I loved it! I attend every year and really enjoy the seminars, speakers and the exhibits. I agree with what George Verwer said: That MissionFest is probably 10x more strategic an event than we even comprehend. I was so blessed by this event that I would like to volunteer to help you promote this event or help out wherever I can.

– Tracey Hanson

 Attendees and participants from Canada and abroad shared their experiences and knowledge to assist in encouraging, educating, enlightening and engaging people of all ages to get involved in missions wherever God has called them.

Life-changing messages expressed through speakers like Tony FernandezGeorge Verwer, Afshin Javid, Jean Chamberlain, Nathanael Gerber, Ron Pearce, Michael Puffett and many more, captivated those who listened attentively to hear what God would speak to them.

Holy ground indeed, Holy Spirit raining down on all who were there, a Holy moment with a Holy God!… there was such a unity of spirit and oneness of heart. I will treasure that as I feel God gave us a very special gift that morning. It was such a privilege to see so many hungry sisters wanting to know the call He has on their lives and for Him to meet us right at our point of need.

– Lisa Cheong, speaker at Women’s Forum

MissionFest is about making disciples, equipping believers and reaching the lost. The children’s program was a real highlight this year with speakers, Anthony McLean of iEngage and the Manners Lady, Judi Vankevich engaging 6-11year olds in biblically moral principles. There were wonderful activities for pre-schoolers aged 3-5yrs and 9 children surrendered their lives to Jesus!

I wanted to thank the MissionFest organizers for the great day our Oakwood Baptist children’s group experienced at Mission Fest.  The adults who attended with them were also blessed and doubly blessed to be able to attend some of the booths and the event in the sanctuary… due to the way the children’s programs were organized.

– Marguerite Morrison, Oakwood Baptist church

This year MissionFest hosted a diverse group of exhibitors – The Voice of the Martyrs, Trinity Western University, Wear Da Word, TTC Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Farmers, Frontiers, Camp Elogia, Celect.org, Engineering Ministries International, Equip, Eurovangelism and so many more.

“Great Opportunities for all people.”    – Save the Mothers International

Once again the Saturday night ENGAGE Youth plenary was full to capacity with young people from across Ontario challenged to reach out to others, discover selfless living and God’s call on their lives according to His purpose.

I have been very encouraged by the sense of peace I’ve had about the experience. A number of young people have written to me to respond and share their experience and how God challenged them through the weekend – so I know that God truly was planting something on Saturday evening.

– Nathanael Gerber, speaker at ENGAGE Youth Plenary

The musical worship was extraordinary with an intimate expression of love for Christ – this year in various tongues such as Spanish, English, Tamil and Singalease. Artists included Relevant Worship, Nuevo Elementos, United Through Worship, Marlene O’Neill and Paulis Sanchez who sang to a full audience.

Wow, what can I even say about MissionFest except it was an amazing experience and in every aspect it surpassed all my expectations. God truly showed up!

– Paulis Sanchez

Operating a large event like MissionFest does not come without its challenges especially with the good that it achieves each year. With each building block, we overcome knowing that Christ is the chief cornerstone. God has brought together, directors, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, speakers, participants, attendees and the Friends of the Fest donors including churches, organizations and individuals in ONE house, ONE accord and for ONE purpose.  Let’s keep building, we’re all in this together.

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