After serving the missions and Christian community for over 23 years, it was decided that it is time to RETIRE MissionFest Toronto as voted by the board of directors and the members.


“Where Missions Comes To Life”


MissionFest Toronto facilitates the gathering of churches, educators, mission organizations, businesses and individuals from the Christian community in Canada and abroad to mobilize, inspire, educate and network people of all ages for God’s mission.

MissionFest equips you with the truth of what God is doing right here and around the world. MissionFest serves all ages – Children, Youth, Men, Women and Singles.

It embraces the fact that God has called you to be His missionary right where you are – in the home, workplace, streets, schools, arts, church, and in the mission fields where you have influence. The events and gatherings provide a great opportunity for you to connect with other mission minded individuals, organizations and agencies as well access to valuable seminars and workshops!

MissionFest Toronto is primarily a donation based ministry. In order to keep ‘missions’ at the forefront, PLEASE INVEST in the thousands upon thousands whose lives get transformed for Christ every year through the vision of MissionFest.  Thank you!

MissionFest Toronto West Regional Conference  October 19 & 20, 2018 | NOW COMPLETE

A message from the desk of the Executive Director

The new and relevant MissionFest Toronto has re-emerged!

I have had the awesome pleasure of serving on the MissionFest Toronto board of directors for the past 9 years and recently have taken on the task and role of the new executive directorship. For the past three years I have stewarded the transition team of the old MFT into the new transformational organization that it has now become.

With great humility I welcome this opportunity to spearhead the team to bring MissionFest to the especially diverse and multi-cultural population of Toronto. The nations are at our doorstep. Our desire is to help bring missions to life!

We are excited about the possibilities of collaborating in partnerships while leveraging technology, innovation and creativity to serve an ecosystem for missions and reach a wider audience for the Kingdom.

MissionFest goals are to Mobilize, Education, Inspire, and provide a platform for Networking for missions.  In addition, we have some exciting new initiatives we are taking on as part of the revived vision. They include;

  • Missions Co-labouring and partnerships
  • Build an online community with curated missions content and resources
  • Missions To Go Academy online training resource together with our partners
  • Missions Chapters for regional and local community engagement

Thanks to all of our past leaders and supporters, especially our incredible volunteers who made every event a success and a memorable experience. We look to re-engage you, as MissionFest re-emerges as a collaborative agent to help transition into this exciting new season.

Stay tuned as we finalize our plans for 2018 and beyond.

In His Service,

Wayne A. Hinds

Interim Executive Director | MissionFest Toronto


All of our reps gave very positive feedback on the opportunities to talk with people who are interested in getting involved in Missions. Fifteen wrote their names on our sheet for further info and six of those responded to my follow-up letter. This is the best response we have seen in years. God is moving in lives and we are excited to help them move another step forward towards His harvest field.

Linda Nagel, Head of WEC Mobilization Department

Africa Inland Mission Canada has participated in MissionFest Toronto since its beginning. We are committed to MissionFest Toronto because it is essential to show Canadians that all of us as mission organizations are working together to build the Kingdom—here in Canada and around the world. But we also participate because MissionFest is so beneficial to us. Many folks whose first encounter with AIM was at our conference centre booth have gone out to impact lives all over Africa. Thanks MFT!

John P. Brown, Canadian Director

MissionFest is a wonderful opportunity for people all across the city of Toronto to come and meet folks who are really on the job taking the gospel here and globally being inspired by that, because the natural default position of the church is to become maintenance, to become protective, to become concerned about our own well being rather than about the purpose for which churches have come into existence which is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world.

Charles Price, The Peoples Church
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